Unable to deploy or restart apps - "You hit a Fly API error"

I am unable to deploy my app or restart it. Continuously getting “You hit a Fly API error”. An example of one of the request id’s is - 01GPQ6ZQV2KFEHA696EAGD91GC-chi

I am also seeing periodic errors when using the cli for other things.

Before I started seeing these errors, I had added a new region. I ended up resolving this by doing the following:

I removed all regions except 1.
Scaled the app down to 1.
Deployed a new version successfully.

Will attempt to rescale my app back out now :sweat_smile:

After some more playing around with regions and scaling… it appears to be an issue when I use the ewr region. If I don’t use it, I don’t have any issues :man_shrugging:

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