Deployment errors

We are currently seeing deployment errors both locally as well as in CI:

You ran into an error connecting to the Fly API. If the error persists, keep this request ID to help Fly Support track it down: 01GAKVDC233RHFHDCVDAXWYSEZ-ams

Hey working on deploying a fix right now - we’ll post back here shortly

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This should be resolved now!

Yep, confirmed. Thanks

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hello, i have suddenly started getting errors when deploying via cicd, this is the error im getting

+ '[' true '!=' false ]
+ flyctl deploy --app pr-9-***-hub --region iad --image***-hub:merge-6b0ade5b4c601c59432b74e25ea1a41581825f66 --region iad --strategy immediate
==> Verifying app config
--> Verified app config
==> Building image
Searching for image '***-hub:merge-6b0ade5b4c601c59432b74e25ea1a41581825f66' locally...
Searching for image '***-hub:merge-6b0ade5b4c601c59432b74e25ea1a41581825f66' remotely...
image found: img_0lq747360g5v6x35
Oops, something went wrong! Could you try that again?```

I got a similar error I discussed in another thread, three days ago, to which nobody (other than myself) has replied yet. Are you sure it’s fixed? Or maybe it’s another error.