Unable to deploy after V2 Migration

Hey there,

Today I started getting this message while deploying:

Which makes me ask: why is my work migrated to v2, if it’s highly experimental in your own words? Past 6 months already have been unstable with Fly.io, I really don’t get why do you so frequently break deployments.

Once again, I’m unable to deploy my product. Here’s the logs;

6ffbe69d3edb: Layer already exists 8a6340798fb6: Layer already exists ee7b22c10358: Layer already exists 8faaf641728a: Layer already exists 92a4e8a3140f: Layer already exists deployment-01H1F: digest: sha256:d207558 size: 1576 --> Pushing image done image: registry.fly.io/xxxx:deployment-yyyy image size: 151 MB ? This feature is highly experimental and may produce unexpected results. Proceed? Yes Running release command: /app/bin/migrate ✓ Deploying with rolling strategy ✓ Error failed to wait for VM 21781955a10e89 in started state: deadline_exceeded: machine failed to reach desired state, started, currently created

Any ideas how do I solve this?

Was your app auto-migrated? Do you have an older toml file locally? You might need to do fly config save to pull in an updated fly.toml.

It was auto-migrated. After the 3rd try, it just deployed successfully. I’m disappointed with the reliability of the service though.

You likely want to upgrade the CLI to the latest version. The “highly experimental” wording was removed a while back and we would not have begun to auto-migrate Apps if we didn’t think the reliability of the platform would improve.


It worked after updating the CLI. Thanks for the reply!


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