Unable to delete Redis instance

Hi, i have an old redis instance connected to an app that i no longer keep. It keeps showing up under “flyctl redis list”, but i’m unable to destroy it.

flyctl redis destroy cogfy-cron
? Destroy Redis instance cogfy-cron? Yes
Error: input:3: deleteAddOn database not found

Let us take a look. The Redis app seems deleted and I got the same exact error message for my deleted Redis app.

% flyctl redis destroy summer-water-8878
Destroying a Redis instance is not reversible.
? Destroy Redis instance summer-water-8878? Yes
Error: input:3: deleteAddOn Could not find AddOn

Run 'flyctl --help' for usage.

Update: No. You got “database not found” error.

There was a mismatch between our database and Upstash. We’ve fixed our database. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Problem solved, not sure how though, either some delayed action that took care of it or something else behind the scenes.

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