Two apex domains for the same app


I’ve got two domains, and, for a single app.

I created certs for both and and added the A and AAAA references to my DNS. They both work fine :+1:

Then I created certs for apex domains and My dashboard shows green lights for all four domains (2 www + 2 apex). However, is working, but is not working. I created the apex cert 2 days ago and the before that, but I think 2 days should be long enough, right?

Any ideas?

Thanks! :pray:

[Edit: I am going to try to delete and add it back again.]

[Edit^2: I’m not sure if it matters, but I actually created 3 certs for each domain: www, * and apex and all 6 were green in the dashboard.]

[Edit^3: I removed and added it back. All green. I also removed the wildcards so I have 4 certs (2 www and 2 apex). All green.]

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Hi @EricForgy

Using nameserver lookups it looks like you have an incorrect DNS configuration.
I can find AAAA records for,, and but not

Thanks charselysa!

I was missing A and AAAA for “@” on It is working now. Thank you :pray: