Issue using base domain on one appv2 and subdomain on another appv2

|AAAA Record|*|2a09:8280:1::3:d6bd|Automatic|
|AAAA Record|@|2a09:8280:1::3:d6bd|Automatic|
|AAAA Record|this|2a09:8280:1::d88f|Automatic|

I have one app which is using the base tld Certificate is issued for that domain and works. Then I crated a new app and issued a certificate for that subdomain on this second machine and added a new DNS record to my namecheap.
Subdomain is not working though and tells me that the site can’t be reached with the error code in chrome DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

I can’t wrap my head around what the issue might be. If I call the domain it automatically should end up on either one of the apps.

Any ideas?


Hey, this looks like a DNS resolution error on your machine. I can resolve the domain locally on my machine:

lillian ~ % dig aaaa +short #real domain redacted

If you don’t have IPv6 connectivity on your machine, your web browser might show a NXDOMAIN error, since it tries to get an IPv4 address (which your domain doesn’t have), though since your apex domain also doesn’t have an IPv4 and that does work, that is probably not the issue in this case.

Ah actually the apex has the same issue too now. might have been some cached result or the TTL took a bit longer. I had originally ipv4 for the base domain setup and removed it due to redundancy.

Will check the IPv6 connectivity problem on my machine now and will post the results in a bit.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

Edit: So turns out its something in our local network. As soon as I used the phone and just went through my mobile inernet the pages where loading. Now I just have to figure out how to tell my network/router to do the ipv6 thing. Interesting though is that this might been than also an issue for others people in general and I prob should switch to IPv4 for that case.