Tigris Upload Failed to Dispatch

Hi, I’m trying to use Tigris to upload a few images using aws-sdk-s3 rust crate. Here is a snippet:

pub async fn example(
    access_key_id: String,
    secret_access_key: String,
    bucket_name: String,
    key: String,
    data: Vec<u8>,
) -> Result<()> {
    let creds = Credentials::new(

    let config = aws_config::defaults(BehaviorVersion::latest())

    let client = S3Client::new(&config);
    let data = ByteStream::from(data);

        .map_err(|e| anyhow::anyhow!(e))?;


I’m getting back a dispatch error from the put_object() call:

 Tigris PUT Failed: dispatch failure

I’ve verified that all my credentials are populating from env vars. This is the signature for Credentials::new

    pub fn new(
        access_key_id: impl Into<String>,
        secret_access_key: impl Into<String>,
        session_token: Option<String>,
        expires_after: Option<SystemTime>,
        provider_name: &'static str,
    ) -> Self 

Anyone have an idea of why the Dispatch Failure may be happening on Tigris?

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@kennet The snippet looks good, could you also try by explicitly setting the Tigris URL?

 let config = aws_config::defaults(BehaviorVersion::latest())

Let me know if that works.

@himank Thank you that solved the problem I was having.


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