There is no `app/bin` when I connect to console with `flyctl ssh console`

This is the repo of my app (Phoenix umbrella project).

When I connect to console with flyctl ssh console, there is no app/bin directory.

# cd app
# ls  apps    deps                 elixir_buildpack.config  mix.exs
_build     config  docker-compose.yaml  fly.toml                 mix.lock

This project doesn’t have release setup or docker setup.

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Hi @nallwhy,

Yes, I can see that you aren’t using releases yet.

The app/bin file is created when building a release. So, you can get an SSH console to the machine, but you can’t easily run a remote IEx console into the running node without releases. At least, that’s how the documentation is managed… with the assumption of using releases.

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It would be better to add a release setting part to the document Getting Started · Fly Docs.

mix release.init appears in ‘Naming Your Elixir Node’ part, after deloying.

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