Table does not exist in the current database


I deployed an app I’m currently developing, just to try I’ve created a proxy to the fly db to perform a nasty npx prisma db push . Sure it is not conventional, but this is a dev environment, don’t judge me :wink:

However, I have the following prisma error:

Invalid `` invocation: The table `public.Group` does not exist in the current database.

Using flyctl postgres connect , I list the tables and test a selection on the Group table, with no success… But the table is listed.

# \dt
                List of relations
 Schema |        Name         | Type  |  Owner   
 public | Group               | table | postgres
(19 rows)

# select * from Group;
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "Group"
LINE 1: select * from Group;

When I create a proxy (flyctl proxy …) to connect with pgAdmin, I can access the tables (and the content) in the public schema of my app db.

What could I do wrong?

Ok not sure what happened but it seems unsetting/setting the secrets did solved the problem. Can’t say if the old secret was incorrect, although the old DIGEST and the new DIGEST are different (but I don’t know how this value is computed).