Symfony app deployment failing

Hello everyone :upside_down_face:

I am trying to deploy a Symfony app with the fly deploy command but I keep getting “Failed due to unhealthy allocations” error, I used a Dockerfile to deploy my app and the build seems to be ok.

These are the logs of my last deploy :

[info] Starting instance
[info] Configuring virtual machine
[info] Pulling container image
[info] Unpacking image
[info] Preparing kernel init
[info] Configuring firecracker
[info] Starting virtual machine
[info] Starting init…
[info] Preparing to run: bash ./docker/ as root
[info] 2022/12/11 17:47:28 listening on …
[info] [OK] Already at the latest version (“DoctrineMigrations\Version20221211134513”)
[info] Starting clean up.

Maybe I missed something on the config, if anyone can help thanks

Hello 29 days later! For anyone finding this in the future, here’s a guide on converting the Laravel work over to Symfony: Guide: running Symfony on