Sudden decrease in throughput, no recent changes

Hey @fly, I’ve noticed a sudden decrease in throughput on my app. Screenshots below:

(Please ignore the tooltip on this one, it isn’t relevant)

I’m concerned because this app has been running for a long time without any changes. I’ve not deployed an update for quite a while, I haven’t changed any of the scaling settings, and I believe that my account is paid in-full.

It would be great if someone at could take a look and let me know if anything changed internally that requires some changes from my side to compensate.


This could be a new bug in our proxy. I’m restarting it everywhere. I think this will help if the bug is what I think it is.

Looks like all traffic is going to 2 instances (our of 20).

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I think this will help if the bug is what I think it is.

Yep, it looks like throughput is back up to expected levels. :+1:

Is this something that I can expect to experience again in the future, or more of a one-time issue related to a deploy of new proxy code, @jerome?

It might happen again before we fix it (once we’ve found the root cause), but of course you shouldn’t expect issues like these to happen. This was not intended.

Cool, I’ll reply on this thread and @ you (and anyone else you think should be alerted) if it happens again.

Thanks for the speedy fix!