Successful exit code when deployment failed in github actions

I have recently switched to bluegreen strategy for my v2 app and github actions are now succeeding when the deploy fails.

Deployment failed after error: could not get all green machines into started state: wait for goroutine timeout

Visit your newly deployed app at

The item is marked with a tick in the github UI.

This is my action:

- uses: superfly/flyctl-actions/setup-flyctl@master
- run: |
    flyctl deploy \
      -i${{ env.APP_NAME }}-stag:${{ env.GIT_SHORT_SHA }} \
      --config fly/staging.toml

Any chance the exit code can reflect what has happened? Took me an hour to figure out why old code wasn’t deployed…

We are seeing the same thing as well. We had a few deploys time out but they are showing as green in GHA. From a DX standpoint, this is super important as now we have to manually check every deploy to make sure it succeeded.

We’re also seeing a super chatty log in our GHA health check step. About 6000 lines of these outputs: Machine xyz [app] - 2/2 passing

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