Github Actions Not Exiting


I’m using the fly github action:

      - run: flyctl deploy --remote-only
          FLY_API_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.FLY_DEPLOY_TOKEN }}

and I noticed that in my recent builds (no changes) the command never exits even after a successful deploy and github kills it after 6 hours. Has anything changed with the CLI’s behavior?


I’m experiencing the same with bitbucket.

Same here. It keeps hanging on “[2/2] Checking that … [app] is up and running”

^ yeah, I noticed an unexpected number of GHA minutes wasted yesterday :money_with_wings:

Regression of flyctl v0.1.47 - Cannot deploy, clone and list machines perhaps? cc @billy

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Tried setting it to the current version (0.1.52) like you suggested in that topic, but that doesn’t seem to fix the problem with github actions. I can deploy locally without a problem though.

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Same here.

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Having the same issue :confused:

Also an issue for me!

Getting an error when I try to deploy via Flyctl as well:

panic: assignment to entry in nil map

goroutine 232 [running]:, 0x140008cf500?) +0xd0*HTTPSyncTransport).SendEvent(0x1400003af80, 0x1400093bb80) +0x490*Client).processEvent(0x140008c6300, 0x1400093bb80, 0x14000126c00, {0x105c17280, 0x14001104ea0}) +0x264*Client).CaptureEvent(...)*Client).CaptureException(0x14000eb5978?, {0x105c16c40?, 0x140010f0b00?}, 0x10?, {0x105c17280, 0x14001104ea0}) +0x58*Hub).CaptureException(0x14000520870, {0x105c16c40?, 0x140010f0b00}) +0xac +0x8c*Hub).WithScope(0x14000520870, 0x14000eb5a58) +0x60{0x105c16c40?, 0x140010f0b00?}, {0x0?, 0x2?, 0x2?}) +0xd0{0x105c2a5d0, 0x14001356c90}, {0x140010f2570, 0xf}, {{0x140007e7068?, 0x105b86000?, 0x10681d5c0?}, 0x106855390?}, 0xc8) +0x1f0*Client).sendRequest(0x1400094f7c0, {0x105c2a5d0, 0x14001356c90}, {0x1054784dc, 0x3}, {0x140010f2570, 0xf}, {0x0, 0x0}, {0x105b86000, ...}, ...) +0x2e8*Client).Get(0x3b9aca00?, {0x105c2a5d0, 0x14001356c90}, {0x140013388b0, 0xe}) +0xd8*blueGreen).WaitForGreenMachinesToBeHealthy.func1({0x105c358a0, 0x14000b53140}) +0xc8
created by*blueGreen).WaitForGreenMachinesToBeHealthy +0x2a8

:wave: Definitely looks like something’s up! Does reverting to flyctl v0.1.51 help?


Flyctl 0.1.52 has a bug that only showed up in production use. We’ve reverted the change that caused this issue and released a new version, Flyctl 0.1.53, that should be good to go. Sorry about this!


Looks good on my end now. Thanks!

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