Stable VM IP Adress

Hello guys!

I know that I am pretty annoying but it is really important.

When does release a feature where you have a stable ip address of the app’s vm ? - So every request that gets sent from the vm, gets sent with the same ip address.

I really need this static ip address.

If there isn’t a release planned to create for the next few months I would appreciate If anybody can describe me how to assign a static ip address of the vm myself (My apps are running with node.js)


When you say VM I assume you mean an allocation/machine, is that correct?

Can I ask what problem having stable IP addresses per VM solves?

In the meantime:

VMs are ephemeral so when you deploy new ones you might not have the same context as the previous one. We provide an internal DNS system you can use to reach out to specific apps, machines, regions, VMs, and combinations of those. Depending on the problem you could this might be helpful:

Hello lubien!

With VM I mean an allocation/machine.

Stable IP addresses would solve my problem to access my external database. Because I have to whitelist an ip to access my database.

Thanks for providing some context. I will definitely dive deeper in this topic.

I think the docs I sent you might not be helpful then. One possible solution is using a VPN solution such as Tailscale to connect privately your DB to your apps. I hope this helps.

Hi lubien!

Thanks for your answer!

Could you please describe that solution a bit more in detail, please?


Hi again!

I found a link where tailscale introduces how to use it with (

I will definitely look at this.


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