SSL requests failing from specific locations.

Hey there,

We’re seeing SSL requests fail from a couple of regions in our global monitoring (TOR and Oregon), specifically that we’re getting a HTTP response to a HTTPS request. Is there an ongoing issue?

We noticed that our VM in YYZ appeared to be hung (although not sure why this would affect SSL responses, since Fly handles those on the edge VMs?), so we tried to put in a restart request…

fly vm restart 88ba6b32
Error server returned a non-200 status code: 504

According to the logs, the VM did attempt to shut down, it just never restarted.

Hey there!

We had a small issue in YYZ and SEA during a deploy of our proxy, it should now work as expected.

If your app is down, you can try re-deploying to it or scaling it perhaps. A restart should’ve brought it back up though.

It’s possible our own API was also unavailable from YYZ and SEA.

I’ve managed to restart our VMs in SEA and YYZ (by going with just vm stop, instead of vm restart which was 504ing).

Is there a reason this wasn’t reported on the status page? How long did the incident last? We started getting reports of this ~2.5 hours ago, and it seems to have lasted for a while?


It has lasted about that long, we didn’t think the issue was widespread and we thought we had handled it, but it was a false positive.

I’m adding an historic status page event.

Gotcha, thanks Jerome!