Could not proxy HTTP request. Retrying in 1000 ms

Suddenly 2 of my apps stopped working. One is stuck in Could not proxy HTTP request. Retrying in 24 ms (attempt 1) and the other is completely non-responsive.

I tried restarting, scaling down and up, nada.

There’s nothing on Fly Status though :thinking:

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Probably related to my post.

One of mine is recovering…

@miharekar I ended up “fixing” the problem by adding VMs. fly scale count 4. Not a satisfying fix, but it did the job

Same here. This also seems to be causing the deployment health checks to fail and then shutdown the instance. So I’m not even sure if it will work once the system is up again.

Could be unrelated, since everything started working for me again.

I had downtime in a slightly different form (SSL failures) around the same time: Random SSL Failures

Mine is also working again now.

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Mine is working again now too. Wasn’t working 4 minutes ago when I sent my last message!

Still having issues here with another app. Scaling didn’t work yet, trying to fix now by moving to a different region…

Same. My Pg HA cluster and Phoenix app just went away at 3pm.

I’ve done fly restarts of both. Nothing on status page yet?

I had the same issue up until now. Restarting doesn’t seem to help. I had to redeploy to get it working again.

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Still unable to solve this. Anyone from that can look at this? Specific app that is broken is called customer-dashboard-production. Moving region didn’t work, adding VMs, increasing VMs all didn’t work.

We’re looking into this. Might be related to Status - Vault cluster degradation.

Any update on this? Im still getting this issue :frowning:

I’m also getting this error today.

MAD is also facing the same problem. I temporarily removed that region from my app

Same here; MAD and Paris servers are down, had to remove them