SSL and Fly network latency

Hey guys

I talked with @kurt via DM on Twitter about this. I’m testing a project on Fly again and seeing the problem again.

It seems that every couple of requests there is an SSL latency of a second or more. I thought it may be a cache problem since it seems to happen after a couple of minutes without any requests to the app.

Another issue I’ve seen is that the TTFB seems pretty high, and also seems random.

My server took 75 ms to get the data and render the content, but the TTFB is about 200ms:

Not sure what’s going on. 90% requests to the app take less than 100ms to complete (complete request, not TTFB).

Anyone else experiencing this?

Weve been having all sorts of problems like this starting around an hour ago. Sent in a support ticket already as well.

It seems the logs are also stalled…

We are troubleshooting some load balancer load issues that are causing occasional latency spikes for the last few hours. If you’re seeing this now, that’s why.

Everything should be good now.

@pier if you were seeing TLS (and even ttfb) latency spikes for the last several hours, it was likely a result of our load balancer issues. If you see them again we can see what’s happening.

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Thanks @kurt it seems to be working great now. :+1: