Springboot app to mysql database

Hi I’m new here and I would like to deploy my springboot app to fly.io and connect it to a mysql database where I deployed using the fly.io tutorial but I always fail to deploy my jar. and keep having the message

failed to fetch an image or build from source: error building: failed to compute cache key: failed to walk

If you haven’t already, see it this alternative tutorial by a community member (albeit deploying Spring with Postgres) has any hints for you: Deployment of Java Spring API using Dockerfile - #8 by renanfranca

Here’s another one (no databases that I see): Java app is killed on startup - #5 by ignoramous

Hm, a shot in the dark: Check if local-only builds / deploys work, flyctl deploy --local-only <other-args>?

yes hi thanks for the reply, I have deployed my springboot app but when i visit the hostname it does not load the website

btw im using springboot and thymeleaf and changed the db as h2

and this is what im getting on the logs

could not find an instance to route to