Spam email from Blue Heron Research Partners researching

I got an email this morning from a “Researcher” at “Blue Heron Research Partners.”

There were a few odd things about the email:

  • They emailed an old gmail address that I don’t share publicly, and it’s not an email address I’ve ever used in association with
  • They don’t explain why they’re seeking me out. I’ve posted about on Twitter, Hacker News, and my blog, but none of those are associated with the gmail address they used.
  • They claim they’re following up on a previous email, but this is the first email I’ve received from them.

Anyone else see anything like this? I’m assuming this is an external researcher not in cooperation with the team.

Yes, I also received this, though I immediately deleted it.

Thanks, @boiserunner. Do you have any idea where they got your email?

Also got this. They contacted me using info from LinkedIn.

We are most certainly not involved in any of this. I’m curious who cares enough to fork out $125 per call though… :thinking:

This is not us.

These types of research groups have access to monstrous lists of emails + social media profiles. If you ever use that gmail address for a public GitHub commit, they probably scraped it. You used to be able to add .patch to GitHub commit URLs and see the committer email.

I don’t really know why someone would pay a research firm to go bother our customers without talking to us, though.

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Competition paying for it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got this also. I thought it was timely as I was starting to use But realized they had the wrong email, and it was just quincidence.

I have never worked for Blue Heron but have performed similar type research; Blue Heron is a legitimate company. It is called channel checking where possibly a competitor but more likely an investor in that field is looking for background from clients, competitors or suppliers. Check with Blue Heron and if the person who contacted you is legit then it’s an easy $125 if you are so inclined.

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