Some questions regarding the list machines API

Hello, the list machines API seems like a useful one, especially in absence of any status webhooks, to do some custom orchestration.

  1. Is the list machines API call cheap, can it be called few times a minute (say every 10 seconds)?
  2. List Machines seems to return all non-destroyed machines as of now. This works for my use-case, but just wanted to check if there’s any (undocumented) param to list machines only in a particular state as well?
  3. The list machines UI seems to show all destroyed machines too. Does the UI ever garbage collect destroyed instances and stop showing them after some time? I am wondering because for a game server use-case this list might keep growing.

Yes and no. You shouldn’t get rate limited but calling it multiple times a minute seems like a bit much.

Not currently, no. At some point, we’ll support paging and filtering but not ETA on it.

The UI reads from a different source than the API and at some point we’ll make the two match more closely.