Solved. "Push" a fly.toml to postgres created with fly pg create

UPDATE: I confirm this post holds the answer to my question below… link.


  1. pull down the fly.toml using fly config save --app <database-app-name>
  2. Edit fly.toml to include the external port
  3. Generate an external IP address using fly ips allocate-v4
  4. get the postgres repo name and tag using fly image show
  5. deploy using fly deploy --image <repository>:<tag>
  6. connect to your database using the public IP and the port you configured in step 2.

I have a running postgres multi-region database. This was created following the instructions here

I want to expose a public port for an external service.

I have allocated a v4 IP address and pulled the fly.toml file using fly config save -a my-DB

I made the changes to add the service ports as described.

how do I deploy these changes ?

Thanks, Tom.