smtp port

Hello, been trying to port forward smtp traffic from to my lan via a tunnel besides other traffic but it does not seem to work.
I don’t understand, other tcp traffic is ok(ish),
I can connect to ports
80, 443, 41194(openvpn, although ipv6, not ipv4), 25565(minecraft-java) & 42333(tunnel proxy) for tcp.
nothing connects for 41194(openvpn) nor 19132(minecraft-bedrock) for udp.
I read from that thread that it should work out but it is not.
My application keeps on logging permission denied os error 13 retry in …
mad [info]Mar 15 20:10:02.363 ERROR connection{addr=}:handle{service=smtp}:run_tcp_connection_pool: rathole::server: Permission denied (os error 13). Retry in 992.510291ms
same goes for http & https services.
What am I missing out ?

Resolved smtp, http & https error messages by listening on ports higher in the range:

  • 40025 instead of 25,
  • 40080 instead of 80,
  • 40443 instead of 443.

Issues may have come from my curlimages/curl running default user not having permissions to bind on 25, 80 & 443 ports, but I could still ssh into the VM to listen via nc command to 25, 80 & 443.

Still cannot connect to udp 41194 though

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