Deploying on unsupported port

I was interested in using Fly for deploying a TCP-based server application. However, the port that this application needs is 7777 TCP over IPv4, which doesn’t seem to be supported yet. I read (Running TCP DNS server?) and a few other threads but it’s not clear to me whether this is just something that I need to wait for. Is there a way to request this port be supported in the meantime or do I simply wait until support for all ports is added?

Just adding a note in that same thread should be enough for now, it just needs to get the team’s attention. I’ll go ahead and post this there.

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I’ve got another port I have to add today, so I can get 7777/tcp in at the same time. It’s annoying that you have to ask for these right now, but you have to ask for these right now. We’ll make some noise when we shake this restriction off.

You should see this port open within the next hour or so.