Small app built on (open source)

I’ve just finished up a small app that uses Fly for hosting:

In short, it will take your YouTube channel and turn it into a nice (at least according to me!) homepage. Here’s an example of it in action for my bands channel:

What might be interesting to other developers on Fly is that it leverages the Fly API to automatically create SSL certificates for custom domain names. This was based on the guide written by Fly, SSL for Custom Domains

The source code isn’t the best (no tests) as I wrote this mainly to experiment with Fly as a provider and to get a homepage up for my aforementioned band, but if anyone is interested the source is here: GitHub - Rodeoclash/mere: Homepages for YouTube channels

Built using Elixir with Phoenix 1.6

EDIT: I should mention that Fly performed great for this, I’ll be transitioning more of my apps over to using it!