Configuring site I just added a certificate and custom domain to?

I just added a cert to my liveview site deployed on and an external domain (using google domains) and I’ve got two issues:

  • The RSA certificate has been given but ECDSA hasn’t - do I just need to wait? RSA took about 20 minutes.

The flyctl command to show the certs for my domain look fine

  • My Elixir app is complaining in the logs that Could not check origin for Phoenix.Socket transport. and that I should edit the host in prod.exs - what do I provide it? Is there a system variable to get provided by Fly? Do I give it my custom domain or the origin domain it had before?

As a result my LiveView site is constantly refreshing when trying to access it on the custom domain but origin works fine.



I’ve changed my prod config to after finding some posts here:

(The custom domain is but now it redirects me to the url whenever I try and access the custom domain?

Hey Chris,

Can you see if updating your prod.exs and runtime.exs like this helps: