Slow network from Singapore to Frankfurt wireguard endpoint


I’m trying to speak from a VM in singapore to a vpn endpoint in Frankfurt over your wireguard network. The speed is abysmal, 20-40 KBps.

10MB.dd 39%[=====> ] 3.91M 34.1KB/s eta 3m 57s

When moving the VM to Toronto and keeping the same Frankfurt vpn endpoint everything is fine:

2022-01-23 13:03:49 (7.56 MB/s) - '10MB.dd' saved [10485760/10485760]

Pings are normal.

Is this to be expected?


Assuming you created this peer in the last 24h or so, is it an option to re-create the wg peer from sin to fra?

Although the comment below talks about wg peering, it mentions only ams, so I don’t know if it’s applicable to fra.

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The fra peer is ~1 week old. No problem deleting and recreating it, but I don’t remember it taking 1.5 minutes to do so. I think maybe this is unrelated?

This seems like a problem. Can you explain the exact setup you’re using to test this? What’s running on Fly, how are you connecting to it, where does the VPN endpoint connect?

Now that everyone in Asia is asleep things are fine.

This shows it takes 3x as long for a http get request during busier hours:

Maybe I will just look for a better connected region :slight_smile: