SJC region: could not reserve resource for machine - for 2 to 3 days now

Wondering if anyone else is having issues on SJC region? I don’t see any issues in statuses so thought I’d double check here.

I’ve been getting the error, Create request failed: 409 Conflict, {"error":"could not reserve resource for machine: insufficient memory available to fulfill request"} for the last two to three days now.

I’ve had this error before but usually it clears up in an hour or so, so this seems like something else might be happening this time besides the usual intermittent stuff.

I ran into a similar “insufficient memory” error when deploying a new version of my app in SJC. This post describes the issue, and the solution: Deployments fail immediately due to unhealthy allocations - #11 by Yaeger.

Is there capacity issues in SJC?

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If the Machine being created mounts a volume, you would see this error if the server hosting the volume is at capacity. The only known fix right now would be to add another volume so the Machine gets provisioned to a different host with sufficient memory (of which there are a few in sjc).

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