Simple Map Goog Domain to a Dev Deploy

I know this has been asked in other ways, I just want to make a very simple ask, and hopefully, answer.

I have a elixir liveview app deployed. Works awesome.

I own a domain at GCP. I want to map the cname / a records, etc, to the deploy at fly.

In it’s fly native url, https (and certs) is covered). I assume this gets goofy if another domain points to it.

Could someone give me literal, step by step, at GCP, and I guess if I need to run fly commands, to get this to work?

I don’t use GCP, so can’t help there, but otherwise ref this doc if you haven’t already: Custom Domains and SSL Certificates · Fly Docs

The GCP relevant bits missing from the doc should be google-able, I’d assume.

Bear in mind though, vending more than 1 Let’s Encrypt TLS cert via Fly is not free.

Thanks. Was very easy. For the record, GCP go to domains, add the A and the AAA. Then, run the cert generate.

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