Show Fly Community: Zero-config Django and React on Fly

Hey everyone,

I wanted to showcase my project that uses Fly. Thanks to the generous free tier, people can try a fully functional Django+React website with minimal hassle.

As for the Fly specific parts, see here: Deploying | Reactivated

I was inspired to post this when I read Running Reproducible Rust: A Fly and Nix Love Story . Reactivated used Nix heavily as well.

Many thanks to the Fly team for helping me diagnose deployment issues. Hopefully this project encourages more people to use Fly.



Wow this is super cool. Nice work. @joshua has been working on native nix builds so we might have some fun stuff for you to try soon. :slight_smile:

Cool! That’s a clever approach to bootstrapping nix-shell. You can check out progress on our nix integrations here. Currently it only supports Rails, but it’s split up into modules so we can add more, like Python/Django. We’d love to get more modules in.

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Sweeet writeup! (And I’m going to reread your page on Nix.)

@Silvio_Gutierrez do you have a twitter handle that you’d like mentioned if we tweet?


Sure, though it’s… nearly empty. Maybe this will kickstart my Twitter career.

Thanks! I need Python and Node, so long as those two are supported, things should Just Work™.

As for the nix-shell approach, the isolated Postgres instance (not used when deployed on Fly) was some of my best and ugliest work at the same time.

I’m not trying to railroad you! We’ll still tweet with a link to your website if you prefer not to have a Twitter career! :wink:

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@catflydotio no problem. I actually just updated the profile to make it more presentable. It’s a good way to disseminate updates anyway. So I take this as a sign.

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@Silvio_Gutierrez Flydotio has tweeted you. :smile: