Show and Tell: Minimal distributed database examples on Fly Machines

Check them out: GitHub - danthegoodman1/FlyDatabases

I am low-key obsessed with fly right now, and wanted to run 2 of my favorite databases on them: CockroachDB and Scylla.

I also added an example from 32 region testing my config datastore: FireScroll. It’s not the nicest, but gives you a working example!

I always prefer distributed DBs, especially in the context of only having a max 500GB volume. With distributed databases single-region failure and volume size limits are no longer a problem!

In the repo you will find minimal examples of getting a cluster started, often not enough nodes for quorum. What is there is showing how to boostrap the cluster so you can start your multi-node or even multi-region DBs, additionally with what tricks are needed to have IPv6 be fully supported and metrics collection!

Contributions welcome!