sharing storage between apps?

I’ve got two docker containers that share a folder on the host via bind mount. One container writes to the host folder and another reads from it. Is there any way to do something similar on Thanks!

It’s not currently possible with our setup. Also all instances sharing a volume would have to be on the same host, which can cause a few scheduling headaches.

We do want to provide this at some point, but we don’t yet have a good solution.

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Not sure if that would work, but you could host a NFS server in a separate application and then mount the NFS server on your other applications through the internal private network.

Hey there @jerome just checking in, has anything changed on this front or is shared storage still not supported? Thanks!

Not yet. I’ve looked at it briefly, but it would come with a lot of caveats. The VMs would have to be on the same host and the mount wouldn’t be journaled on the read-only side? I’m not entirely sure.

Any tips by chance on doing this? I’ve tried this a few different ways and I always get “No such device” when trying to mount from the “client” machine.

Just as an idea, you could try to use rclone mount to implement this for your use case.