Shared IPv4 vs Dedicated IPv4: Are there performance implications?

Are there performance implications for using Shared IPv4 vs Dedicated IPv4?

I also see it’s possible to pass --region as a flag to flyctl ips allocate-v4. Is it necessary to have IPs in multiple regions for maximum performance?

All assigned IPv4s are Anycast, shared or otherwise, and going through the same set of proxies. I believe there may be some slowness due to routing decisions (SNI inspection / Host header inspection for shared IPv4s) but I don’t think it’d be anything terrible or even noticable, up and over existing proxy-inflicted costs.

Regional IPv4s are optional. They are, afaik, only announced from a particular region. Not many containers folks really need it (but a few do). I do not think it has higher performance, or at least, Fly doesn’t advertise them as such.