Having dedicated ip v4 address without opting it for it

I had an old deploy lying around from 2022. I haven’t been billed for it ever. I went to my dashboard just now and clicked on the URL. All of a sudden I’m seeing a billing sum of 2$.

fly ips list
v4 123123 public global 2022-10-19T14:16:44Z
v6 123123:1234 public global 2022-10-19T14:16:47Z

I thought I could fix it with fly ips allocate-v4 --shared

But now I just have an additional shared IP:

fly ips list
v4 123 public global 2022-10-19T14:16:44Z
v6 123:1234 public global 2022-10-19T14:16:47Z
v4 1234 public (shared)

Not sure how to remove the dedicated one.

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Jerome shared a guide on how to have zero downtime migrating from dedicated to shared IPv4 in case you have certificates:

fly ips release and passing the IP you don’t want should do the trick!

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Thanks guys! :pray:

P.S.: Do I get my 2 bucks back? :laughing:

I hvae just come across this issue, is there a basic way to show me how to remove the dedicated IPv4 for the app I am using. I don’t have much in the way of IT skills, have read the article but got nowhere.

Is there a simple command line I can use and just add in the name of my app.

Many Thanks


Can attest to never having signed up for a dedicated ipv4 and getting billed $6 without any warning. It’s not much, but it’s very disappointing.

Be forewarned – if you don’t have a credit card associated with your account, you will not be able to allocate a shared IP. I was able to release – which immediately took my API offline – then when I tried to allocate, I got hit with an error stating I had to enter a credit card or purchase credits to proceed. Since I had already released the previous IP, breaking my site, I had no choice but to enter a credit card, which makes me very nervous.

Given that I’m supposed to be on a completely free plan and just got this surprise billing, not having entered a card was the one thing protecting me from this kind of situation. And now that’s gone, with no assurances that this won’t happen again.

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