Service unavailable? Unable to deploy django app or login

fly deploy is timing out.
Is there a reason for these 504 timeouts. I also can’t log into dashboard. The status page doesn’t indicate any issues. Can someone help? Are others facing the same issue?

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Ok, I’m not the only one. I think there servers are down. I posted mine on Error installing flyctl & also the Fly API

Having the same issue too. I think their gql api is down.

having timeout issues + context deadline exceeded errors

Same here, unable to SSH into any machine

Edit: also not able to load dashboard indeed.

Same for me. Even cannot login dashboard

has been this been acknowledged by flyio? according to their status page everything is operating normally which is kinda insane since we rely heavily on flyio

Same here, but I am sure they must be working on it.

Same issue here

Yea, I hope someone in Europe is on call :grimacing:

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You can see that something is wrong from the ‘api success rate’ system metric btw:

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GitHub actions failing, cli deploys too.

yup even flyctl secrets set / unset commands are timing out.

Anyone reading this that does not have these problems, please let me know. I’m curious to see if it’s a regional thing or smth

An incident was just reported.

@Yaeger Do you know if the fly team detected this issue on their own or was this after several users reported issues? When I created this post all their statuses were green on the status page.
@ilaiwi @redjonzaci completely agree with you that if the fly team’s internal monitoring didn’t catch this, then that’s not good news at all.
Can the team give us a postmortem on this incident? Is there anyone I could tag?

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No idea, you’ll have to ask the Fly team for that. A post mortem would be great indeed

Since this outage one of my apps has been stuck in a suspended state. Can’t redeply, ssh in or anything - even though I got messages in the dashboard that the problem is fixed.

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