Server Error (500) on Tailwind dark mode


I deployed a simple Django (no database) website here, for the first time. It works fine, except for the switch to dark mode button (I use Tailwind CSS). It works on development, but here it doesn’t and I get a 500 page. I’ve been checking and updating the website, especially the tailwind.config.js file, but nothing works.

Does anybody have a similar problem ?

Hi @voyageurzen please walk me through what your tailwind.config.js looks like? Better yet, if you can send me a link to your repo so I can reproduce the error

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Thank you !
I used DEBUG=True to find out about the cause. I don’t use a db, but I actually do, just for sessions (used for dark mode). I was able to resolve the issue by connectecting to fly ssh console, make migrations and migrate. It seems that I have to do it each time I update the website. I don’t know yet about db in fly and how to avoid this manipulation each time, but for now I’m ok. I’ll need to learn about db here for my next project though.