Send metrics to honeycomb

Hey, the Fly metrics are nice but our team centralizes everything into Honeycomb. Are there any guides about how we could export the metrics into Honeycomb OTEL Metrics?


Deploy a fly-log-shipper app that reads logs sent to Fly-managed NATS endpoint (specific to one’s Fly org) by all Fly app instances and plonks them into any among the many supported destinations (incl honeycomb): Fly Logs over NATS

Just to be clear, we’re talking about the cpu/mem etc. metrics of apps, not the application logs. Right?

Oh no, thats for app logs.

I haven’t had the need to use it, but for metrics, check out Fly’s built-in Prometheus scraper that can export metrics to whatever speaks Prometheus; ref: How To Use Fly Metrics and Feature preview: Custom metrics

Alternatively, you can opt to run Honeycomb’s OpenTelemetry agent along side your app process: Running Multiple Processes Inside A App · Fly Docs

(For machines, instead see: Multi process machines).

I neither use honeycomb nor custom Fly metrics, so I may be way off here.

Thanks for the info!