Adding honeycomb observation to postgres cluster

I want to get some observability into my postgres cluster and I’m planning to use honeycomb for my app. So I was thinking about just following this post, but thought I’d check first. Thoughts?

That post will probably work, but it’ll be a bit of a chore and, I think, require you run your own build of Postgres on Fly.

The RDS post seems close to something that’ll work. If I’m reading this right, you’d need two special settings on your Postgres cluster and a way to send logs to Honeycomb. Our NATs based log shipper can output to Honeycomb.

Oh, nice. So if I follow the RDS post then I should be able to get data to honeycomb?

That RDS post uses a custom utility to get logs from AWS. I think the first thing to do is setup our log shipper as an app in your org and point that at Honeycomb. It should be as simple as a fly launch with the right config.

We need to look at the safest way of changing PG settings, I’ll let you know what we think later today.

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What is the simplest way to configure PostgreSQL logs shipping to today?

I assume that honeytail will ship the logs in a way that will make querying them easy. On the other hand, fly-log-shipper seems super simple. The bit which I am missing is how to configure PostgreSQL. Maybe a PR that contributes PostgreSQL logs to postgres-ha would make sense. WDYT?