Self-host Fly Logs management

Does anyone run a self-hosted log manager on Something to view, search and manage logs exported from fly log shipper.

I’ve been searching but I couldn’t find something lightweight to run within my fly organisation. I think I’ll have to build something custom, and put a basic UI to filter and search without SQL, PromQL or similar language.

I wonder if others will be interested. Maybe I’ll share a video of what I build for my usecase, if there’s enough interests, perhaps open source it.

Here’s what I run:

Here is the use case:

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Thanks :slight_smile: This clarifies it for me. I was hoping not to have Vector in-between. Now I understand how I can just have my own log shipper.

Is there a specific format for the data that comes from NATS? I see some from the example but I couldn’t find in your code of docs something that expresses the properties/fields available in the NATS message data.
Also, is the log message always structured? i.e. if the app logs an unstructured vs structured log message, does your NATS service convert those to structured log message and pass it to the clients?

I tried this and I got the needed info. I’ll be exploring further this weekend

Sorry for missing your question, but I wouldn’t of had much to add: like you I tried it, looked at the data, and proceeded from there.

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Is it possible to access the NATS service from my PC? I tried using Wireguard but couldn’t get it to work. I can’t run my code local to test my changes, and I have to deploy to fly to see how it works.

Do you think it’s possible to connect to the NATS server via a Wireguard connection?

Thanks to the links here, I built mine and use DuckDB to store the data. If you’re curious to see what I built and using, check out this video

If you’re interested, you can get the source code here (with a 50% discount for the first 20 purchase).

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