Seeing 502 Gateway error for Image Assets in App deployed in Machines

It is only for Image Assets. Can any advice.


Has this only recently started happening (did they used to work without anything else changing that may have broken the links)? Or is this a new app?

If they used to work and now don’t, generally the first place to investigate would be the app’s log. That’s a tail of the last X lines and will show if those requests are even reaching your app. If they are, you can see what error, if any, is returned (like if the app is out of memory etc). Since a 502 code (Bad Gateway) means something had a problem getting the asset, server-side. Whether it is your vm returning the 502 as a result of a timeout, being out of memory etc, or whether your vm is e.g running nginx as a proxy and that is returning the 502 (as a result of its requests failing) may be revealed by the logs. If you run fly logs from your app’s folder, see if that reveals more.

Or … the errors may be related to an ongoing issue. There are a couple shown on

I deleted the app and recreated it became ok