Secrets, big negative number

Hi, i have an app which had big negative number and i noticed my app didn’t perform how it should have, as soon as i changed it from secrets to normal it worked.
although i might have been something else which miraculously worked i wanted to put it here in case

const TG_GroupId = "-1001224485894";//process.env.groupId
Only change in code was above

at first:
nodejs - local deplyment

After change:
nodejs - remote-deployment

Yikes. Sounds like users better validate their secrets before using them in prod!

What was your app name and alloc-id (FLY_ALLOC_ID)? More such info might help lurking Fly engs to help root cause.

app name: awhappybd
ID: 86c66b76

Since i wasn’t able to use flyctl scale count 0 on my free plan due to no payment info, i had to delete previous app and redeploy although that app had the same name awhappybd.

I am a novice and i couldn’t figure out to how validate my secrets since they were encypted and there was no command or document on how to.

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