Scaling out OSS Disqus alternative Isso with Marmot on


After great response on previous demo where I scaled PocketBase with Marmot (You can check that out here). I am excited to bring something more usable and shows nice out of box integration (demo page needs some styling work), it allows me to have a nice Disqus like commenting section using Isso and scaled out with Marmot. This will help me dog-food my own tool for Marmot’s documentation pages, and the open-source codebase let community here quickly clone. and re-use it. You can check out demo here:

How can I deploy one for myself?

You can simply clone Git Repo, create your app, and run:

fly deploy -a <app_name>

The Python scripts of repo automatically pick app application name and generate configuration files for Isso and Marmot. Isso needs two environment variables ADMIN_PASS that is password for admin control panel, and CORS_HOST which enables Isso to serve cross site requests (in case of it will be You can set these via:

fly secrets set ADMIN_PASS=... CORST_HOST=...

Then you can go to your page on the domain configured above and drop script tags like:

<section id="isso-thread">
    <noscript>Javascript needs to be activated to view comments.</noscript>

<script data-isso="//<app_name>" src="//<app_name>"></script>

You can enable snapshots with WebDAV (I will add S3 configuration if enough people want it) using WEBDAV_URL. For the format of the URL checkout config.toml for snapshot.webdav.url. Just like ADMIN_PASS you can set it via:

fly secrets set WEBDAV_URL=...
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