How to Deploy Wordpress on Fly?

Any tutorial for Wordpress Deploy to ?

I gave it a go. Seems to work :slight_smile:

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what a brilliant idea! however I am getting “Error connecting to database error”. Any tips how to fix it? I have checked Planetscale credentials multiple times…

Strange. I deployed that exact repo with a Planetscale database and it did connect :thinking:

Do you have this line? That’s needed for Planetscale:

You could maybe see a bit more info by adding another line below that one in the fly.toml:


… which (as the name suggests) tells the Docker image to show more details for debugging. Don’t use in production! But it may show why it can’t connect, like whether the hostname/password etc is wrong.

yep, there was a typo there! thank you.

however, now I am struggling with upload limit, any idea how to increase it? otherwise it works like a charm now!

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Hmm. Not sure what default PHP settings that image comes with. It’s possible uploads are limited or disabled.

First place I’d look would be applying my own settings. If you visit Docker Hub and then scroll down to “Configuring PHP directives” that explains how. If you add a php.ini to Dockerfile, you would also need to add the inverse to the .dockerignore (so !php.ini) else it will be ignored. And so not copied to the image in the Dockerfile.

Note that Fly storage is ephemeral so you will need to add a volume or upload to somewhere like S3. Else the uploaded files will be lost.

i have other example deploy wordpress using bedrock roots using mariadb (it’s optional but i think this very efficient using memory 512 can running) GitHub - bogordesaincom/flywordpress-bedrock: Fly Wordpress Bedrock