rootfs 8gb uncompressed limit exceeded error

i am running into rootfs 8gb uncompressed limit exceeded error
this is a build of ML container based on official jupyter tensorflow notebook here: Quay

can this be increased to 16gb asap ?

i can not deploy ML containers on gpu servers without this image

fly logs -a hg-cc-gpu-notebook

Waiting for logs…

2024-02-12T19:55:29.873 runner[784e1e3a291e28] iad [info] Pulling container image

2024-02-12T19:57:15.934 runner[784e1e3a291e28] iad [error] Not enough space to unpack image, possibly exceeds maximum of 8GB uncompressed

Saving data on a persistent Fly Volume means you don’t have to download large amounts of data, or reconstitute a large Docker image into a rootfs, whenever the Machine restarts. You’ll probably want to store models, at least, on a volume.

thanks for response

there is no data or models loaded in the image at all

this is just base tensorflow image with nvidia container toolkit, cudnn and ML python packages
these are need to be installed within the container image

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