Machine couldn't start due to space constraint when trying to unpack docker image

Ran into this particular issue when trying to deploy an 8GB python image:

Log from fly logs -a <app_name> is:

[error] Not enough space to unpack image, possibly exceeds maximum of 2GB uncompressed

Is this an issue where I need to give the app more volumes? Or do I need to manually create a machine with enough specs and attach it to the app?

Appreciate any help!


Sorry you didn’t get a response - I did see some internal discussion around making larger Docker images work. That’s something we want to do.

Unfortunately at this second that’s something for us to “fix” (eventually change) on our end. An 8gb image is just too large for the amount of space given the root devices for VM’s currently.

Appreciate the insight. I guess for the moment I’m keeping light weight apps on Fly. All the AI libraries in python are a huge space sink :smiley:

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