I’d love to be able to roll-back to a previous version. Imagine a bug was pushed to production, and having to wait 15 min for the fix to be deployed seems too long. Can we have rollback to at least previous version, even just retained for 24 hours would be great.


Yeah I want this too. This is on our medium term list, we’re doing some architecture work first and then we can (hopefully) ship orchestration changes much quicker.


Is this still in progress? Or, is there a way to do this by specifying a docker image in the fly.toml file?

I’d also love to be able to specify a previous release number and roll back to it, something like fly deploy --rollback=212

We, unfortunately, haven’t shipped this yet. We’re furiously replacing Nomad so we’ve gotten behind on quick fixes for now.

You can run fly deploy -i <url> to deploy a specific Docker image. The only way to get that is to look at the logs during a deploy, though. We don’t have a simple way to show those from previous versions.


Interesting! Would love to see a blog post about this.