Manual rollback to earlier version?

My app has started to behave strangely as of yesterday. To find root cause (build, client, build environment) it would be nice to revert the server to an earlier deployment.

Is that possible?

Hey there. We don’t have an official ‘rollback’ feature, but it could be done by redeploying the Docker image from a previous release.

You’ll notice that fly releases does not display this information. It will as soon as I cut the next release of flyctl. I’ll post here when that’s ready.


flyctl release 0.0.311 got this:

$ fly releases --image
VERSION	STABLE	TYPE    	STATUS   	DESCRIPTION                    	USER          	DATE                	DOCKER IMAGE
v424   	true  	release 	succeeded	Deploy image                   	your@email	1h52m ago  

Then you can deploy again with fly deploy -i

Not that this will only bring you back to the previous Docker image. It will not revert changes to secrets or anything set in fly.toml.