Restricted to one organization


When I try to create an new organization, I get the following error:

“Your user is currently restricted to one organization”

Is there any reason why this is happening?

PS: I already a another organization, so this would be my second one.


Apologies for that, you were accidentally caught in our fraud protection check and I’ve cleared it and you should be able to create a new organisation now.

thank you. its working now.

I too have encountered the same issue. I have been charged $8.59 to unlock the account while the system said I won’t be charged. Also, I’m getting a infinite loop email for email verification. Please fix these issues for my account. Thanks!

Hi! would you mind sending an email to from the email for your account so that we can get you sorted? That’s generally the best place to go for account-specific problems like this-- thank you!

I too sent a email at support regarding the exact same issue as the OP a week ago, didn’t get a reply. Probably support staff was overwhelmed during heroku exodus week. I’ve again sent a email at support today, hopefully someone from fly can check and see what is going on :sweat_smile:

Edit: Issue has been solved, thank you!

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Hi, It’s just happen to me, I just want to create other org to separate my new project

@eli Looks like I’m caught up with this error as well. Can you please help?

Same issue here. I bought 25$ credits hoping that it would lift the restriction/flag, but I still can’t create other organizations.

Same issue on my end as well.

I’m experiencing the same issue as well.

Same here

Same here

same here

Can someone help me as soon as possible? Thanks

Same here

I’m still experiencing the same issue. Can someone help me? :sweat:

@dbukhta Can you check now?

@JodySheng @infineon3000 Are you still experiencing this issue? I see multiple orgs on your account.