REST API (beyond the Machines REST API)

Hi, I would like to build a Pulumi provider directly from an OpenAPI spec. While having the OpenAPI spec for Fly Machines is great, which I do plan on using to generate a “Fly Machines” Pulumi provider, it would be great if there were REST APIs for all the other things one can do with flyctl such as, for example, assigning IPs, creating certs etc. In other words, a REST API for all the things your GraphQL API supports. The problem with trying to use the GraphQL schema is that differentiating between create, update and delete mutations would need to use the name of the operation only. That makes it hard to generate CRUD operation mappings reliably. I’ve done some investigation into trying to use the GraphQL schema but it’s not looking great. I also would like you to know that it’s entirely possible that my limited knowledge with GraphQL is preventing me from seeing some other obvious way to introspect the GraphQL schema. So if you have any other suggestions for me to explore, I would greatly appreciate it!

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