Are there API docs to interact with via REST?

flyctl does what I need it to do but I would like to programmatically interact with via REST. Does offer that option?

We have our machines APIs documented over here.
You can also find a cool article about machines written here.

I don’t know of any public documentation for the graphql api flyctl uses, so you might have to reverse engineer flyctl for that.

You can pick through the GraphQL API in the GraphQL Playground. It’s pretty changing API that we haven’t really settled on. There will likely be more stable options sometime in the future.

The Machines API is more stable and predictable, though it is more limited to operating machines in particular.

It’s stuff like this and this that would be nice to have some docs on so I could construct applications from my server.

Yea we have some gaps around those API docs just because it’s been a moving target of an API at times, but I might be able to help you make some headway on your particular problem as it is today.

May I ask what you’re building?

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