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Hello! I’m new to deployment and containers. I managed to deploy two docker containers on my free tier account here on fly, one with a spring boot .jar file and one with a mysql database. The spring boot project has some API endpoints that query the database and return html. No errors in the logs. But response times are slow, often 3 or 4 seconds, for very basic queries and very little data. Is this normal?

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Hey @thomaskrut

Maybe you can check out to see your RAM & CPU usage, if it helps…

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That’s not normal, no. If your app server and DB server are in the same region, they should behave like they do on any other hosting infrastructure.

You might need to do some debugging to figure out where the slowness is. Maybe try comparing an API endpoint that queries the database with one that doesn’t and see if there’s a difference.

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Thanks for confirming that it was not normal. Turns out scaling RAM for the database resolved the issue.

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